About Me


Welcome, my name is Sharl G. Smith.

I am originally from Jamaica and lived in the U.S. for 17 years before moving to Canada in 2015. My dual inclinations for mathematical details and experimental creative expression first led me to study and practice architecture for 10 years. However, due to an on-going struggle with chronic illness, I have chosen to pursue my love of three-dimensional structural design on a smaller scale, namely, jewellery-making and sculptural bead art.

Entirely self-taught, I have a passion for the art of bead-stitching, for experimenting with new designs, for building ever larger art objects and for creating intricate jewellery. I find that it marries perfectly my ‘island girl’ love of organic form and vibrant colour with my attraction to detail-oriented architecture, geometry, and modern design.

“Sun Drops Studio” is a creative endeavour of mine that seeks to explore the possibilities of these amazing and intensely colourful little points of light. I am simply fascinated with seed beads and inspired by the sculptural and creative potential of this extremely tiny medium.

Each piece is designed and hand-stitched one bead at a time by myself. Every creation is truly one of a kind. I look forward to developing my technical skills and sharing my joy of bead-stitching with you.

Kitchener Craft Fair 2015

Most days I can be found at my business location:
Sun Drops Studio, 142 Waterloo St., Waterloo ON.
Please contact me first to make an appointment.

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